Exercise 23

Role-play "Making a TV Programme".

Setting: The streets of a big modern city.

Situation: A television crew is making a programme about dif­ferent lifestyles. The journalists stop people in the street and interview them. They ask questions about their daily routine. They try to find out what time they get up, whether they get enough sleep, what they have for breakfast/dinner/supper, whether they are fussy about food, how they get to work, whether they are late for work, what time they come back home, who does the cooking/clean­ing/shopping/washing, etc., whether they Exercise 23 are more awake in the morning or in the evening, what time they go to bed, what they do to keep fit, what they do to relax, whether they have any kind of social life, what puts them in a good mood, whether their daily routine is always the same.


Card I—II — Christian and Christine, the journalists.

Card III—IV — Daniel and Diana, an actor and an actress. Famous and well-known.

Card V — Sheppard, a university student. Not very di­ligent.

Card VI — Shirley, a model. Willing to make a career.

Card VII — Patricia, a school teacher. Very Exercise 23 responsible.

Card VIII — Felicia, a housewife. Has a large family.

Card IX — Raymond, a businessman. Very busy and very rich.

Card X — Letitia, a waitress in a restaurant. Young and carefree.

Card XI — Simon, a professional driver. Works hard and long hours.

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